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Updated: 06/28/2021
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PST LEAGUE  Rain Out Procedures

Prospect Meadows no rainout line, go to website
Check PM's social media outlets for weather cancellations.

Fairfax Rainout Line 319-846-1699
only updated if cancelled

Tait Cummins and Noelridge call
City Rainout line: 319-286-5700

Lowe Park call the 
PST Rainout Line: 319-242-7377

All other fields you must contact the opposing home field coach.

Home field coaches must contact the following people:

- Contact the opposing coach 2 or more Hours before game time 
  E-mail the Master Scheduler at:
- 1-2 Hours before game time call: 319-651-5755 or 319-213-0405

When Cancelling provide name, age group, teams playing, field and game time. Make sure you receive a reply as confirmation

** When cancelling 1 hour or less due to weather coaches to pay umpires 50% for other reasons pay umpires 100%; once game starts umpires receive 100% before game starts.

PST Coaches to open new "DBat" facility in Marion. Darren lewis and Casey Pauli care passionately about baseball and treasure the impact it's had on 
their Lives. Now Darren and Casey, who both coach teams in the Positive Sports Training League, hope to create new opportunities for thousands of boys and girls in their new Dbat facility -Read More-

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice and Update for Scheduled Events

2021 PST Return to Play Guidelines are currently under review
   We are currently reviewing return to play guidelines for 2021. We do not know what state and local protocols will be in place as we enter into the Spring. We will be following all State Mandated social distancing and Mask protocals currently in place. We will be posting updates on the website as more information is provided.
PST Baseball offers a player a source to post credentials for teams looking for players and also a source for teams posting openings for players looking for a team.

To go to Team Builder NOW!!

Waivers must be turned in no later than March 31st. Please get your waivers turned in early. Send by E-mail, Snail Mail, or drop off at the scheduling meeting.

June 28, 2021
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